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Do U Trust?

Illustration students, Henrietta Swift and Christopher Smith from the University of Brighton, created famous monument shadows with their bodies. Amazing! Easy made The statue of Liberty…lol The Leaning Tower of Pisa   Advertisements

What the shadow looks like if it is from an transparent object?

This is a type of awesomeness that I have not previously seen before, and as a Miami resident, feel that I must acquire one, stat.  It is a transparent canoe kayak…and it is… Continue reading

Shadow From Blue Sky…

some AIRPLANE’S SHADOWs on the ground~~ A shadow of helicopter                   Do you see a fire balloon in the following picture?

Shadow From Bird’s View

                    Hey…I just find some pictures captured from top.. Can you see the awesome effect when shadow shown on the ground??? That’s Amazing!!! Isn’t… Continue reading

shadow game

shadow game

This is an interesting game about shadow and light! Donnot let the shadow ball touch light. Try it~