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Artwork from shadows

      January 26, 2012 | New Art | by  Jo Bradford |  The term ‘painting with light‘ can encompass many different types of art, but this is a new twist on the idea of making… Continue reading

Master of light and shadow

      If you think that these are just random shapes stuck to a wall then you are sadly in the dark my friend. Let Japanese visual artist Kumi Yamashita shine some… Continue reading

Unmasking Oppression with Gender Shadow

Performance Art has long been considered an effective medium in terms of delivering messages that would otherwise fall flat in less visual forums. Gender Shadow is the perfect example of a contemporary PA group–one that… Continue reading

Real life is rubbish: Incredible shadow art created from just JUNK (and two dead seagulls)

They might just look like piles of everyday junk and bits of twisted metal but two artists have skillfully arranged them to create incredibly realistic shadows. British-born artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster have… Continue reading