Chinese Traditional Shadow Show-Leather-silhouette Show

Chinese Leather Silhouette Show focuses on a performance art that has spread to many areas of China.

Following a long evolution, including the singing methods, music, and the rhymes of the show, it captures the origins of this performance. This style of performance incorporates the traditions of local operas, ballads, folk songs, and musical techniques, and has evolved into many colorful sects.

The Leather Silhouette Show in Shanbei is by far the best preserved and most representative of this kind of performance. The Chinese Leather Silhouette Show TV program will follow the Shanxi Leather Silhouette Show, record the making of the leather-silhouettes, and performances. The program will include the evolution and current developments of the Leather Silhouette Show as it thrives in China today.


The following video tells a  part of story of a chinese famous myth called ‘ Journey to the West’